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At Smart Color we maintain an excellent level of specialization in 3D applications, providing 3D Printing and 3D Miniature services, as well as 3D Scanning, custom design, printing and much more.

By clicking on the images of 3D Printing and 3D Miniatures you can learn more about these services. Below, you will find a list of detailed information on all the 3D application services we offer to our customers.



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3D Scanning

With 3D Scanning we analyze the object or the environment for the collection of data about its shape and possibly its appearance (eg color). The data can then be used to build digital 3D models.

The data collected through 3D scanning is useful in a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Industrial constructions
  • Art
  • Cultural heritage
  • Medicine
  • Criminology
  • Advertising

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3D Print by Order

You can send us your 3D file and we can print it in monochrome or colored, in various materials such as resin, powder or plastic.

The cost is determined by the printing material you choose, the overall dimensions and the volume of the object you want to print.

These two factors are calculated in total in cubic centimeters of the meter (cm 3 ). The final cost is also determined by the type of material to be used, as well as the shipping costs.

About price: Give us a call.

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3D Modeling

By designing static models or remote controls, you can now have spare parts for extra detail. Combined with 3D scanning, you can now build objects to upgrade your models!

About price: Give us a call.

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3D Original and Molds

Design items on your computer by creating original templates, in small or large sizes.

We have the ability to create molds for thermoplastics, dimensions up to 40cm x 29cm x 20cm. There is also the possibility of creating prototypes for imprinting on rubber, but also to implement in physical form, either 1:1, or on a scale, the ones that you have designed on your computer.

About price: Give us a call.

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3D Printing in Architecture and Engineering

3D printing is widely used in Architecture and Engineering. Offering valuable solutions to architects and engineers who want to show with real objects what they draw on paper or on the computer. From the design straight to the model! With 3D printing, the process of creating a model is now almost immediate.

Print your entire design or specific details, monochrome or in color.

About price: Give us a call.

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3D Printing in Education

We organize seminars in schools and colleges for the possibilities of 3D printing and scanning.

At the same time we can print items for teachers that can help as tools for their work and make the lesson, or presentation, more interesting.

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3D Design by Order

You can send us the item you have, in a photo or the real one and we will design it for you, with all the changes you might require.

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