Three Dimensional Miniatures

When art meets technology!

Smart Color goes one step further in creating the 3D model.

With the latest state-of- the- art equipment, we capture your 3D figure by taking 300 photos at a time, achieving the greatest possible result.

In fact, all this happens in fractions of a second, which is the duration of a simple photo. Now you can get a picture of yourself with your baby or pet, which is impossible with any other method.

How the process of creating 3D Miniatures works


You can easily book your appointment with a phone call at 2310 55 11 60. You don’t have to decide immediately on the size, you can visit our store and decide what is best for you when you see the miniatures in person.


The photo scan is instantly done from all possible angles in the state-of- the -art scanner we use. It is extremely fast and ideal for young children and pets. You can have fun helping your friends or family choose the pose they want. You will need to stay still for 2 seconds. After the photo shoot, you are ready to choose between several photo sets what you like best.


This is where the magic begins! With our specialized technology team in a well-equipped photo studio, we combine all the images to create your 3D simulation with amazing accuracy and detail, ready for printing. At this stage we can make any aesthetic changes, for example on your body, add or remove objects, add your name and more. You must notify us for any changes or aesthetic interventions during the appointment.


The three-dimensional figure, after being printed by a state-of-the-art 3D color printer, goes into final processing. Once it meets the requirements of quality control, it is ready to be packaged. You choose whether you want to pick up your model from the store, or we can send it for free wherever you want in Greece.

Clothing during Photography


What to wear

It would be better if your clothes are:

  • Fabrics with patterns & bright colors
  • Jeans
  • Fabric pants
  • Leather
  • Mate colors preferably

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What not to wear

It would be good to avoid wearing:

  • Clothes with large glossy textured surfaces
  • Transparent fabrics
  • Sunglasses or sunglasses that will be added after scanning
  • The shapes and designs should be visible to the naked eye from a distance of 50cm

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about 3D Miniatures. By clicking on the question you are interested in, you can read our answer.

In case you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss them!

Can there be multiple scanning attempts so we can choose from?

A: Yes, we make several scans within 15 minutes of your appointment so you can choose which one you prefer.

How long does it take for my model to be created?

A: Although it may seem simple, the creation process is complicated. Therefore, it may take 7 to 10 days for delivery.

Can you send it to my home address?

A: Yes, we can send it to any address in Greece for free!

Can you create a model of two or more people together?

A: We can scan and print two people at a time. You will need to talk to one of our representatives for more information, as each case is different.

Can a single model be printed twice at a time?

A: Yes, we can print two or more models at the same time. We can also print your model in more than one size.

Do I have a discount if I want extra copies of my model?

A: Yes, we offer a discount on every copy of your figure.

Is it possible to receive our figure in a shorter time?

A: Yes, we can usually push the time to deliver to you faster but it depends on the time of the year.

Is scanning safe in your studio?

A: Yes, the 3D scanning process is harmless. It’s the same with photography but with more than one camera.

What will my figurine be made of?

A: It is made of high performance composite powder.

Can I wash the miniature with water?

A: No, the only way to clean it is with a soft brush or a dry cloth.

How can I pay?

A: We accept credit or debit cards, payment in cash or deposit in a bank account.

Can I order additional copies or reprints in the future?

A: Of course. We store your data for future reprints.

Are there any restrictions on what I can wear?

A: There are some restrictions such as transparent objects, large areas in clothes with a shiny texture. For more information you can be informed from the above section of the process.

What can I do while taking pictures?

A: As long as you are within range of the scanner, you can take any position you want.

If I want to look slimmer or get rid of spots or bruises, can it be done and how much does it cost?

A: Yes, we offer digital aesthetic processing services. You must notify us of any changes or aesthetic interventions during the appointment.

Do my pictures remain private?

A: We do not share the information or images of our customers with third parties. We will only use your digital files to complete your order if you need additional copies.

How long does an appointment last?

A. While the scan only takes a second, it will take about 15 minutes for us to be able to talk to you through the process and make sure you are completely satisfied with the result. We have schedules for appointments, so please arrive 10 minutes in advance so you have time to relax!

What should I wear?

A. Our photographic process scans surface details, so the more detail it can scan, the better the quality of the result. Some fabrics and colors work better than others, we found that the themes that are dressed in bright colors and designs look great and are more exciting. The thin surface structures found in most cotton or denim fabrics work well, but glossy fabrics that are too transparent can confuse camera sensors. The cameras will also take the natural curves of the shape and even the folds in the shirts. In general, it is best to avoid shiny materials such as silk or polished leather on a large scale. However, we cannot scan transparent materials such as tulle or very fine chiffon, etc. Accessories such as bags, backpacks, musical instruments, mascots, toys, etc. are welcome. However, additional charges may arise.

Are the models fragile?

A. This depends on the position you took during the photo shoot. Please be aware that the nature of small figures can make them very sensitive and some details can be difficult to print. This includes very thin sections, such as fingers pointing in the air or a hand away from the body or a workout with a musical instrument. You will be informed of the appropriate size during your visit.