When it comes to 3D printing, there are unlimited applications for this tecnhology. Businesses, hobbyists and educational institutions are beginning to fully understand the benefits that this technology can offer. 3D printing is and will continue to be important for future inventors, innovators and visionaries to easily create original designs that were only illustrated in two dimensions in the past. It will motivate new inventions, just because inventors now have a way to test their ideas with tangible models.

Smart Color, with its exceptional level of specialization in 3D printing, provides training services according to the requirements of each company both on site and in our offices. In any case, we undertake 3D Scanning, Design and Printing to order as you can see on the page of 3D Applications.

The company’s application is the most complete on the market with more than 500,000 models ready for printing. The whole process is completely simple and is done by sending it to the 3D Printer of the model you want to produce. The result is a three-dimensional high-precision hard plastic model in a wide variety of colors and very soon in metal, bronze, maple wood and limestone.