In order to work with a company in our area, you must first check the support options it may provide for your needs. In Smart Color you will have an immediate solution to any of your problems.

We have a well-trained staff and technical department, with the sole purpose of providing you with the best possible service. We provide Repair & Support Services for the following devices, but also for smartphones and tablets, at the repair center of Smart Color, and On-Site:

PCDesktop PC Repair

  • Initial installation and PC upgrade (hardware)
  • Installation and upgrade the operating system (software)
  • Recover hard disk data
  • Secure backup of files and database
  • Management of e-mails
  • Installation of antivirus
  • Solution for PC malfunctions
  • Demonstration of basic computer settings
  • Installation of peripheral devices

LaptopLaptop Repair

  • Broken screen replacement
  • Motherboard repair
  • CPU and other fans change
  • Power supply replacement
  • Power supply repair
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Resolve overheating problems
  • Hard disk replacement
  • RAM upgrade
  • Inverter repair & replacement
  • USB port replacement
  • Moisture cleaning
  • DVD & RW Drive Repair & Replacement
  • Detection & removal of viruses
  • Installing and upgrading the operating system (software)

PrinterPrinter & Fax Repair

  • Internal cleaning from ink – graphite
  • Cleaning & replacement of sensors
  • Pick up paper roller replacement
  • Reconstruction & change fuser unit
  • Repair & replacement of motherboard printer – main board
  • Repair & replacement of a power supply
  • Scanner repair – paper feed
  • HP – Lexmark – Epson – Canon inkjet print head cleaning
  • Working condition check of a fax – motherboard replacement

Additional Information

  • Spare parts are charged extra, after first discussing the cost with the client, in regard with each particular repair task.
  • No service is executed unless with specific order from the client.
  • Resolving light PC issues can be dealt with remotely, by connecting you with our technical department.

If you wish to contact us about technical support issues, please call us on 2310 551160 or send us an e-mail to